Exhaust Repair

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is what keeps toxic fumes from building up inside your vehicle and ensures that you receive the best possible fuel efficiency. The engine omits harmful gases as part of the combustion process and it’s the exhaust system’s job to control and convert them. At Coventry Motors in Huntington Station, our ASE certified technicians are experienced and trained to work on exhaust systems on all makes and models of vehicles. A faulty exhaust system can harm the environment as well as the passengers of your vehicle. If you suspect a problem with your exhaust system or your car is failing an emissions test, bring your vehicle into our experts and we will help repair your system back to top working condition.

A major cause of exhaust system problems is a failing catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is one of the most vital components of this system, because it takes in the harmful gases and converts them into less harmful gases. The following symptom may indicate a problem with your catalytic converter:

  • Reduced engine performance
  • Low fuel efficiency
  • Rattling noises
  • Vehicle fails emissions test
  • Check engine light turns on

If you’re experiencing any of the issues above, there may be a problem with your vehicle’s exhaust system. If your exhaust is suddenly loud, hanging or dragging, or you smell gasoline while your vehicle is running, we recommend an exhaust inspection as soon as possible.

At Coventry Motors in Huntington Station, we are devoted to providing excellent customer service and working towards prolonging the life of our customer’s vehicles. We are an environmentally friendly shop that staffs experienced and certified technicians and uses only OEM specific or better quality parts. We’ve been providing honest auto repair since 1999, but recently remodeled our shop’s office and waiting area to make your wait a pleasant one. We also back our repairs with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

If you suspect a problem with your vehicle’s exhaust system, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Coventry Motors.

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