Your vehicle’s brake system is an important safety component that should be kept in working condition at all times. At Coventry Motors in Huntington Station, our ASE certified technicians will perform a full inspection of your brake system to determine the exact cause of the issue. Our mechanics are experienced working with all makes and models of vehicles. If you’re experiencing trouble with your vehicle’s brakes, bring your vehicle into our experts and we will get you back on the road safely.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, your brake system may be faulty:

  • Brake warning light turns on
  • Brake pedal requires more pressure than usual
  • Loss of brake power
  • Screeching noise while braking
  • Vehicle pulls to one side while braking
  • Vehicle vibrates or shakes when braking

The axles, driveline, CV joints of the driveshaft in your vehicle are key components that contribute to the performance and drivability of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s CV joints are connected to the front axles of your vehicle and also the axles to change and bend according to the bounce of your tires. When you’re driving, you expect your vehicle to respond to rougher roads, potholes, and uneven terrain.

Here are some signs that your axle and CV joints may need to be inspected for repairs or replacement:

  • Loud clicking or screeching noise while turning
  • Banging or clunking sounds while driving
  • Vibration while accelerating

At Coventry Motors in Huntington Station, we are devoted to providing excellent customer service and working towards prolonging the life of our customer’s vehicles. We are an environmentally friendly shop that staffs experienced and certified technicians and uses only OEM specific or better quality parts. We’ve been providing honest auto repair since 1999, but recently remodeled our shop’s office and waiting area to make your wait a pleasant one. We also back our repairs with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

If you’re experiencing a problem with your vehicle’s brakes, driveline, or axles, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Coventry Motors.

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