Why Is Cruise Control Not Working?

If you're on a long fall road trip, cruise control can make the drive more comfortable and more pleasant. Cruise control gives your leg time to rest and allows you to maneuver around to avoid road fatigue. It can be quite disheartening to learn your cruise control doesn't work in the middle of a drive. The cruise control function controls the vehicle's speed, and without it can make a long drive feel a lot longer. Below is a list of three common reasons your cruise control may not work to help bring some clarity. 

The Speed Sensor is Damaged
The speed sensor determines how fast a vehicle is traveling. Since cruise control needs an accurate speed reading, cruise control will not work correctly if the speed sensor is damaged. A damaged speed sensor can also give inaccurate readings to the speedometer. Controlling your vehicle's speed is essential, and without this function, you can find yourself with a ticket or in an accident. 

A Fuse is Blown
In some vehicles, the cruise control is electronically controlled and will have an associated fuse. If the vehicle experiences an electrical problem, the fuse will fail and need to be replaced. 

The Brake Pedal Switch is Bad
Stepping on the brake pedal turns on the brake lights, all thanks to the brake pedal switch. If there are any issues with the brake pedal switch, the brake light will fail to come on, and the cruise control will stop working. This should be fixed immediately because drivers need to be aware when you're slowing down or stopping. Fixing this component will also allow the use of the cruise control feature. 

The cruise control not working usually indicates other more severe problems are at bay that need to be addressed. If you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our professional team members.

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