What Causes Roads to Buckle?

Now that it’s August, we’re in the heart of summer. Hot temperatures are sweeping past the state in preparation for fall. While it’s a great time to head out for a drive, extreme temperatures at triple digits are causing some roads to buckle. A buckled road can be hazardous and cause significant damage to your vehicle. This phenomenon leaves us wondering, what causes roads to buckle?

According to Tim Potter, the Department of Transportation spokesman in Kansas, concrete is a lot more rigid than asphalt. During scorching weather, the concrete expands, and at weak spots will break open. Hot weather that’s accompanied by humidity and precipitation can also be contributing factors. Buckled roads lead to uneven surfaces that can cause mechanical issues and blowouts. Don’t let buckled roads buckle your wallet. Prevent costly damage by staying alert and avoiding road damage. 

It’s not easy to predict when a buckled road will occur, so it’s best to stay prepared. Keeping an eye on the weather and humidity will allow you to remain vigilant on days with hot temperatures. It’s important to stay alert and watch for cracks on the asphalt. If you notice a buckled road, try to avoid driving over it if you can. 

If it’s hot enough that the roads are buckling, it’s essential to take special care of yourself. Stay cool and drink plenty of water if you plan on venturing out. Don’t forget to wear sunblock. Lastly, park your vehicle in a shady area to block the UV rays from the sun. If you notice a buckled road that is dangerous and haven’t been attended to, do not hesitate to reach out to your local Department of Transportation.

If you’ve driven over a buckled road and have experienced damage to your vehicle, don’t hesitate to bring your car into your trusted automotive technicians at Coventry Motors. Our team would be happy to inspect your vehicle and offer any recommendations.

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