What are the Symptoms of a Failing Water Pump?

The water pump is a vital component in your vehicle that has the job of delivering coolant from the radiator to the engine. The coolant is important to help ensure that the temperature of the engine is controlled. Without circulating coolant, your vehicle's engine could quickly overheat and damage can quickly occur. Because the damage can be severe, it is vital to understand what the signs of a bad water pump are and know that when you do experience any, the experts here at Coventry Motors are here to help. 

The following signs can indicate a problem with your vehicle's water pump:

  • An overheating engine
  • Check engine warning light has turned on
  • Whining noise, especially when accelerating
  • A coolant leak under your vehicle, usually red or green in color
  • Steam coming from the radiator

As soon as you notice any of the symptoms listed above, give us a call or stop by Coventry Motors. If your water pump is failing, chances are that you are also overdue for a timing belt replacement which can cause vehicle failure if it snaps. We can help determine what your vehicle needs and get you back on the road in a timely manner. 


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