Top Signs Your Cooling System Is in Trouble

Is your car overheating, blowing smoke, or gauges leaning toward the red zone? You may be heading for cooling system trouble. Issues with your car's internal cooling system can cause your car to overheat or even shut down. In this article, we talk about how your cooling system works and 4 signs of cooling system trouble.

How Your Cooling System Works

Water, antifreeze, and your car's built-in cooling systems work together to keep your car from overheating. Your car's cooling system is powered by the radiator, thermostat, and cooling fan. If any of these components has an issue, your cooling system can malfunction or shut down.

4 Signs of Cooling System Trouble

1. High Temperature Reading - if your temperature gauges are above normal and in the red, this is a sign that your car is overheating. Your cars temperature gauge should stay within normal range. When your temperature gauge rapidly rises, this is a sign of cooling system overload.

2. Your Hood is Smoking - smoke coming from under the hood of your car is never a good sign. Contact a certified auto mechanic for diagnostics, assessment, and repair. An automotive technician can diagnose your car and tell you what's causing the vehicle to overheat.

3. Leaking Coolant - if your dashboard gauges show your coolant levels are low after refilling, chances are the coolant is leaking out. Check for signs of leaking under the vehicle and contact a certified mechanic if you suspect your car is leaking coolant. Puddling of bright green fluid underneath your car when parked for extended periods is another indicator of a coolant leak.

4. White Smoke - when your car blows white exhaust smoke, this is an indicator or coolant being burned outside of the combustion chamber. White exhaust smoke combined with the other factors listed above is a sign that your vehicle needs service.

If your vehicle is experiencing any of the symptoms above, it's time to get service. Schedule an appointment with your local mechanic for diagnostic and repairs. We invite you to bring your vehicle into our automotive service center for cooling system service today!

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