Maintenance for high mileage vehicles

Most people are turning to long road trips for travel due to the extra precautions and limitations caused by the pandemic. Thanks to long commutes, you may find yourself a part of the high car mileage club. Below are preventative maintenance tips for cars whose mileage is already in the six-figures.          

1. Keep your vehicle clean. 
 High mileage vehicles do not need to look like they’ve driven across the country. Washing your car from the outside to the inside is a great way to protect your investment. Keeping your car clean prevents rust and paint damage. It may be a smart idea to schedule a special deep cleaning and detail that includes a quality wax. If possible, keep your vehicle out of the sun and stored away safely. A car cover is a good option if you aren’t able to park your vehicle out of the sun. 

2. Stay on top of regular vehicle maintenance. 
Cars need regular check-ups just as much as we do—vehicles with high mileage are more likely to have mechanical issues. Routine servicing keeps your vehicle in shape and ensures that your mechanic catches any problems before they become worse. Small repair issues that are left unaddressed can decrease the life cycle of a high mileage vehicle, sending it straight to the junkyard. 

Don’t skip oil changes. 

Your regularly scheduled oil changes are still important; they are a major component in keeping your engine healthy. When your oil is frequently changed, your engine’s parts stay adequately coated with engine oil which protects it against damage from heat or friction. When your vehicle has over 75k miles, you should switch to a high mileage motor oil. High mileage oil has extra detergents that help reduce oil consumption and minimizes leaks.  

4. Check your tire pressure and rotate or replace tires when needed.
Tires should be rotated at least twice a year, but you can check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific vehicle. Tires that are adequately cared for decrease the chance of an accident. They also prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle’s suspension. Appropriate tire pressure extends the life of your car. It also provides better handling and saves you extra money in fuel savings. 

With a little TLC, your car can last a lifetime, no matter how many miles it has. Turn to your trusted automotive specialist for the right service at the right time. Vehicles can get up to 300k miles when you prioritize maintenance and significant repairs. 

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