This customer brought in their 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee saying that they have brought the Jeep to several other repair centers and they could not adequately repair the Air Conditioning system. During our diagnostic, we found that the Evaporator was leaking. We located the leak of the Air Conditioning Freon Gas by pulling the system into a vacuum, charging a small amount of Freon gas and injecting a fluorescent dye into the system. As the Jeeps Air Conditioning compressor pumps, gas through the system it carry's a small amount of dye. The dye helps pinpoint even the smallest of leaks; we saw massive amounts of dye dripping out of the evaporator box drain tube. We informed the customer and the proper solution to repair they're Jeep Grand Cherokee. The appropriate fix is to remove the heat and air conditioning box assembly and replace the broken parts. We first have to remove the center console, the steering column, and the dashboard assembly. We then removed the heater and air conditioning box assembly separate the box and replaced the evaporator. The evaporator was rotten due to leaves and debris getting inside the heater and air conditioning box from the cowl vent. Debris collects near and around the cowl vent area and should be periodically blown out and cleared out during yearly maintenance. Debris entering the heat and air conditioning box could have been avoided if a trained mechanic who cared for this vehicle was servicing this vehicle and looking to prevent potential problems. All of our mechanics understand the importance of keeping the cowl area clear of debris and leaves and are always inspect our customer's vehicles on all services and repairs they make.

During the job we also replaced the broken mode door assembly, this mode door controlled the airflow around the center, and floor vents, replacing the mode door assembly will restore proper functions so that the customer will get full air or no air from the positions they choose with the position switch on the a/c control panel. We also replaced the heater core due to signs of exterior corrosion. Once all the broken pieces are repaired, we installed the Air Conditioning and heater core box back into the vehicle, and then install the dashboard assembly, steering column, and the center console. Then we fill the cooling system will Mopar coolant that was lost on the removal of the heater components and then we can draw the Air Conditioning system into a vacuum testing for leaks before charging the Air Conditioning system to the proper amount according to what Jeep recommends for the Grand Cherokee.

This job can be long and complicated; here at Coventry Motors, we treat all of our customer's vehicles as if they were our vehicles. This attention to detail sets us apart from the rest replacing the heater core now, even tho it is in working condition with no signs of heat loss. Many other repair shops might have left the heater core, having to make the customer pay for this job again down the road. Testing all mode doors while the Air Conditioning and heater box is out of the vehicle allowed us to see the broken mode door and replacing it now instead of when it entirely stops working. We are glad to have had the opportunity to help this customer in making sure they got this repair done correctly and with care. We stand behind all of our repairs and are backed by our nationwide 36month 36,000 Mile Warranty.


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