Is There A Difference Between a Flashing Check Engine Light and a Steady Check Engine Light?

Most drivers understand that the Check Engine light is not a good thing to see in the vehicle. But there is a difference between a solid Check Engine light and one that is blinking. There are many different causes to a solid Check Engine light, some of which are rather benign. There's only one cause for a blinking light and it is an urgent one. When the car's check engine light is flashing, do not ignore it. Your car needs repairs as soon as possible.

If the Check Engine light is blinking, it's a big warning sign and something that you want to have inspected immediately. If the light is solid, there are other things you can ask yourself to diagnose the issue. For example, if you recently got gas, it's possible that your gas cap is loose and that can trigger the light to come on. Tighten the cap first before you panic.

When the light comes on, try to listen for other noises in the vehicle. Do you hear something different? Is the vehicle driving differently? If so, those are other warning signs and you will want to get the vehicle into the shop as soon as you can.

It's smart, as an informed driver, to be familiar with your vehicle's warning lights. Some cars have different colors that can come on to warn you of certain engine issues. A yellow Check Engine light means you need service soon while a red Check Engine light means you should pull over right away. Think of a red Check Engine light like a flashing light. It needs attention right away, but a few miles down the road.

Even if your Check Engine light is solid, there are lots of issues that can arise from driving your vehicle too much farther. You can cause more issues that escalate quickly, you can cause mileage deficiencies, the spark plugs can receive damage, and the list goes on.

If your check engine light comes on, whether it's solid or flashing, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop for a full inspection.

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