How to Identify a Car Leak

You walk up to your car to hop in and start driving and notice something strange underneath - a river of liquid coming from underneath your vehicle. You may start to panic, and wonder if it is safe to drive your vehicle. 

The most important thing to try to do is identify where the leak could be coming from, and that will help you understand the severity of the issue. Here are some common leaks and how to identify them: 


Usually green, pink, or yellow in color
Texture is sticky and thick
Moderately important to see your mechanic for an inspection soon

Brake Fluid

Light brown
Will look oily
Very important and needs to be looked at by a mechanic as soon as possible

Engine Oil

Color can be from light brown to black
Looks like a thin syrup
Moderately important to have it inspected by your trusted mechanic

Power Steering Fluid

Appears reddish brown
Looks thin and will drip from the front of your car
Very important to have inspected by a mechanic

Transmission Fluid

Looks reddish brown to dark brown
Texture is thick and will drip from the middle of your car
A seal is likely loose, and it is recommended to have your mechanic inspected this at your earliest convenience


Thin and watery texture
Nothing to worry about!

If you notice a leak, and aren’t sure about the severity of the problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call today or stop by for an inspection.

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