How Regular Car Maintenance Can Help Your Gas Mileage

As car prices continue to soar with each passing year, car owners have been more steadfast in finding ways to reduce car fuel expenditure. Besides ensuring that your car remains roadworthy for a long time, regular car maintenance can also help improve its fuel efficiency. Below are some tips that have proven effective in maintaining pocket-friendly gas mileage.

Perfect Tire Inflation
Car repair specialists warn drivers against over or under-inflating their vehicles since it may affect the car's gas mileage. On the same note, inflating your car's tires to maximum capacity may also compromise your automobile's gas mileage. Under-inflating your car's tires reduces the surface area that comes into contact with the asphalt.

Conversely, over-inflating the tires may help enhance the vehicle's functional efficiency, but the high pressure inside the tires at that time increases the chances of them blowing. Therefore, you should always ensure that you maintain the proper tire pressure for your car. This could help you lower gas mileage by between 0.6 and three percent.

Clean Air Filters
If your car runs on a carbureted engine, you should always have the filters changed around the same time the oil's getting changed. Clean air filters play a crucial role in keeping out pollutants that can affect engine efficiency. Besides that, they can also improve the efficiency of your vehicle by up to 14 percent, consequently reducing its gas mileage.

Proper Oil Changes
Your automobile can get a one to two percent efficiency boost if you change the motor oil as per the manufacturer's instructions. Apart from using products from a trusted and long-standing brand, you should also ensure that you get the right oil viscosity depending on the exterior temperatures. In this regard, you should use a thinner oil during the cold season and thicker oil during the summer.

Regular Auto Tune-Ups
If you're the type of car owner that can stay for a whole year without having your vehicle tuned up, you're compromising its gas efficiency. Scheduling a regular maintenance service ensures effective fuel combustion while reducing dangerous emissions. It can also help improve gas mileage by up to four percent. With that in mind, feel free to visit our auto shop when in need of maintenance solutions for your car.

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