Common Signs of Vehicle Electrical Problems

Modern-day vehicles rely on electrical systems to function properly. Your vehicle's electrical system is composed of the alternator, battery, and other significant components. If any of them begin to fail, various issues may become present, including decreased performance. It's not always easy to diagnose electrical issues within your car. We have listed a few signs to be aware of that indicate an electrical problem. 

The lights have become dim.
One of the most critical aspects of the electrical system controls is the headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. If there is an electrical problem, the lights will begin to dim. Dim lights are caused by low system voltage and charging malfunctions. This can occur if there is a dying battery, damaged alternator belt, or loose wires. The exterior lights are not the only lights losing power. You may also notice the electrical components inside the cabin even underperforming. 

Your car becomes difficult to start.
Your engine requires electrical power and signals to turn over completely. The battery provides a spark that ignites the fuel within your engine. If there's an electrical problem, you'll hear a click when you turn the key and try to start your car. This is a major indication that there isn't enough current flowing there in the electrical system. The culprit can be a variety of issues, from a bad battery or damaged starter. 

There's a burning smell.
A huge warning sign that your vehicle is experiencing electrical issues is a distinctive burning smell. The burnt smell will have an undertone of melting plastic, and it's usually caused when a wire has shorted out. The wire will pull more current than necessary and melt the plastic insulation around it. A burning smell should be inspected immediately as it can become a fire hazard. The moment you notice an unusual scent under the hood, bring your vehicle to the experts for a diagnosis. 

Vehicle electrical inspection in Huntington Station, NY 

If you notice any of the above signs, your vehicle can have an issue with the circuit breaker, fuses, and wiring. Our ASE Certified technicians are electrical system experts and can pinpoint the exact cause. Bring your vehicle at the moment you notice systems to avoid expensive damage and repairs. Coventry Motors back our repairs with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. 

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