Can My Car Last Forever?

If you own a car that is ten years old or older, you may find yourself wondering how long the average vehicle can live for. How long are they intended to last? Automobiles do not have a pre-determined death date, so when do you know that it's time to let it go? We'll be answering these pondering questions today.


On average, a vehicle will last for roughly 11 years on the road. With the proper care and maintenance habits, your vehicle can run for longer. Nevertheless, the lifespan of any car will depend on multiple things: make, model, year, driving habits, and the type and quality of services it receives.


A fun fact is that it's been found that trucks and SUVs tend to be longer-lasting than other types of automobiles. Regardless of what type of car you drive, maintenance is essential if you want to preserve it. 


Did you know? The oldest running vehicle has remained operational for 48 years and has pushed over 3 million miles. With that being said, anything is possible! 


Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Running As Long As Possible:

  • Follow the manufacturer's or factory maintenance schedule
  • Use high-quality fluids (not gasoline)
  • Inspect and change fluids regularly
  • Have seasonal inspections to catch minor issues before they become severe
  • Clean, wash, and detail your vehicle often

The most sensitive parts of your car are the engine and transmission, and they require the most attention. Unfortunately, engine or transmission problems are also the most expensive to repair, costing upwards of thousands of dollars. 


At Coventry Motors, you can always count on the value of your vehicle to always be protected. Our service team always provides high-quality services. Your car may not last you an entire lifetime, but we will do everything in our power to keep your vehicle running for years and years to come! We invite you to give us a call or visit our shop today! 

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