Monthly Archives: July 2020

Short Commutes vs Cheaper Housing

A small town or big city is a huge decision when deciding where to live. When moving, is it smarter to choose an expensive housing option with a shorter commute or a cheaper housing option with a longer commute? The pandemic has altered the way most of our communities work, with many employers offering remote work options. However, what about workers who are still required to go to a physical location? Below is a list of factors when determining shorter versus longer commute times in relation to housing prices.  Verify your employer’s work from home policies. If you’re more productive in an autonomous work environment, you may be able to avoid a commute by working from home. Check with your employer on options, as even a few days a week from home will give you more flexibility when choosing where to live.   Don’t just consider how much wear & tear your car will be taking on or how much gas, it’s best to consider how much time you’ll be sit ... read more

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