All About Brake Fluid

Various fluids are demanded by your car to upkeep its everyday performance. Undoubtedly one of the more forgotten fluids is brake fluid, which is necessary to the function of your braking system. Most manufacturers create a set mileage or time that brake fluid should be replaced by. However, some simply suggest that you monitor the fluid level and condition periodically. As a result of varying recommendations, everyday drivers are left confused about when their brake fluid needs to be changed.


What is Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is a pressure-driven solution that carries the weight of your foot on the brake pedal all the way to the brake pads. While this fluid is in a confined system, the lines that carry the liquid from your tank to your brakes can become worn or damaged and allow water, dust, or dirt to contaminate the fluid. As you may have guessed, dirty fluid is less effective at performing its job. Also, brake fluid naturally breaks down over time. Therefore, drivers need to pay close attention to how their brakes perform; poorly performing brakes can leave you at a greater risk of getting into an accident.


Symptoms Your Brake Fluid Needs to be Replaced

  • ABS Light Comes On. One of the most apparent signals that your brake fluid needs a top-off is if the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) light on your dashboard turns on. Keep in mind that this light might not be a feature in older vehicles.
  • Pedal Feels Unusual. Adifferent way to tell whether your brake fluid is low is if your brake pedal isn’t responsive as it used to be. If your pedal feels firmer than usual, the fluid could be contaminated. If your pedal feels spongy when you press the pedal down, this can mean that your fluid is getting low.
  • Strange Noises When Braking.Your brakes may begin to make a screeching noise when you are low on fluid. At this point, it is vital to have your brakes checked as soon as possible before any further deterioration occurs within the braking system.
  • A Burning Scent. If you start smelling burning smoke after using your brakes over some time, this can mean that your brakes are overheating. It would be best if you pulled over immediately to allow the brakes to cool. If you keep driving, the overheated fluid can lead to brake failure, causing your brakes not to function at all.


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