3 Winter Car Care Tips

Winter car maintenance prepares your vehicle for winter, but it has many other benefits as well. Car maintenance can offer a longer lifespan, increased fuel efficiency, and offer a higher resale value. Summer heat drains batteries; the Winter is the perfect time to prevent any unforeseen issues. It's a time to give your car a little extra love before it gets too cold. Below are three car care tips to boost performance in the Winter. 

Check the essential fluids. 

Summers can get hot in Huntington Station, and you may have cranked the air conditioner on a few times. In the fall, coolant is used to chill the hot engine. And in the winter, it acts as an antifreeze. Constant usage of the air conditioner may require you to top off the coolant. However, the coolant isn't the only fluid you should check. The engine oil and transmission fluid need to be of good quality to lubricate the engine parts adequately. It's essential to check on their fluid levels and quality as they may need to be topped off too. Some fluids may not benefit from being topped off and should be drained, flushed, and filled with new fluid. One of our automotive experts can help identify if this type of service would be best for your vehicle. 

Check the tire pressure and tire tread. 

During the summer, warm weather can increase tire pressure, and over-inflated tires can cause them to wear prematurely. In contrast, under-inflated tires can make you more susceptible to a tire blowout during the winter. Checking the tire pressure once a month that can increase their lifespan and handling. Lastly, while checking the tire pressure, perform a quick check on the tire tread to ensure they are wearing evenly. Uneven tire wear can indicate alignment or wheel balance issues. 

Wash your car and give it a wax. 

The outside of your vehicle needs love too. Pollen, bugs, and debris can damage the paint. Washing your car can remove any dirt that can eat away at the paint. Waxing has properties within the ingredients that can protect your paint in-between washes. 

Vehicle maintenance and service in Huntington Station, NY

If you need a tune-up this Winter, bring your vehicle into Coventry Motors for a maintenance service. Our ASE Certified experts can perform a comprehensive bumper to bumper inspection. Our preventative maintenance can also include replacing the air and cabin filter, fluid flushes, spark plug replacement, and more. 

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